The 2016 Candidate

We should have seen it coming, politics had taken over the Republic. Americans were tired of it, but we allowed ourselves to be distracted by social issues and alternative facts and it divided us. On November 8, 2016, we voted for change. The pundits and the astute politicians shook their heads and hoped for the best. Conservative values were hijacked on the way to the New American Plutocracy.

How could a population be so divided on the truth? We muddled through our lives trusting that the new President would restore the nation’s luster and reopen the gates to prosperity. For a while many clung to the hope that “it’s going to be great, trust me” was a winning plan and not merely a campaign slogan. It was a mantra of hope for the disaffected but it soon became apparent that it would only be achieved by the rich. In spite of the warning signs, the loyal hopeful continued to trust their candidate.

The year-long, contentious Presidential campaign and subsequent election shook the two-party system in America like a bull dog with a rag doll. It was a pivotal year for the entire world, and it changed the nature of politics and power on every continent.

The outcome of the election went down to the wire. Would we have the first woman President or would we have a plutocrat in office? After bitter exchanges, hints and allegations, insults and threats, President Elect Richard “Dick” Towers scored a stunning victory. The man who claimed that the system was rigged against him became the puppeteer. President Elect Towers wasted no time in preparing for his first 100 days.