Incident on Fire Road



Stone Chronicles – Incident on Fire Road

The world’s most powerful influence peddler and controller of King’s Men, a successful KGB plot to invade bastions of western politics, finance and power, crosses paths with a pair of unlikely neophytes. Michael Stone and Samantha Raven, caught between the FBI and former KGB Colonel Joaquin Petrov, determine they must outwit both. Guided by the spirit of a hip Chiricahua Apache with an affection for whiskey and a ghost called Shadow Walker, they discover extraordinary things about each other and about themselves.



When rational rules no longer apply, the real becomes the imagined and the unimaginable becomes real. You do your best to fight it, but you cannot change it. The only way to cope is to embrace it.

Normal days became like the Texas weather, always subject to change with little notice. Read with your imagination and watch the odyssey unfold. Meet flawed characters, each with a twist, who find themselves caught up in fantastic intrigue.

The story begins on the covered deck of a neighborhood caffeine haunt called Epoch Coffee in Austin, Texas. A childhood secret about a ghost is revealed by Wilson, an elderly neighbor. A cell phone video captures the ghost’s image, but it mysteriously vanishes.

Along the way, Michael and Samantha stumble upon a top secret cover-up. Empirical evidence of extraterrestrial life lies at the bottom of a shallow canyon in the Nevada desert.

Note: First book in the Stone Chronicles series. Currently looking for the right agent match.